Cuxhaven: Our travel report


The Journey


Very early on Monday morning we and the other classes of Year 6 met at Castle Vischering car park. We all were very excited. After saying ‘goodbye’ to our parents, the two coaches started. On the bus tour, we had a lot of fun. Some pupils listened to good music and other pupils talked to each other. In the middle of the tour, we stopped at “Universum” in Bremen. It’s a museum where you can explore themes about technology and nature. We tried lots of things and games. In one of the buildings there was a very cool earthquake sofa which moves. You can learn how it feels to be in areal earthquake. Outside “Universum” there was a cool playground with a big tower and a big swing. After this stop we went on to Cuxhaven.

Arrival at the Youth Hostel

When we got off the coach at the youth hostel in Cuxhaven-Duhnen, we took our stuff and carried it to our rooms. Then Mr Kienz and Mrs Kastrup said that we wanted go to the beach. On the way to the beach we talked about the best class trip ever. Many boys played football at the beach. Back at the youth hostel we went to bed. We waited till midnight to tiptoe to the sweet machine. We threw a coin into it and bought sweets.


Getting to Know Duhnen

CuxhavenAfter breakfast we all started at the youth hostel and went to explore the “city” of Duhnen in teams. the weather was good to answer the questions which were easy but sometimes we had to ask people to help us with the answers. One question was about the little island in the Wadden Sea, Neuwerk. Later our team, the “Butternudeln”, won the first prize. It was funny. When we saw the other teams, they all started because they all wanted to be the fastest team. We looked around Duhnen and found both funny and cool things. The teams were the roommates and they were at the beach and waited for the teachers who didn´t come and waited, waited and waited …. Nobody knew where they were. But finally they showed up. It was a funny time.

Film Shooting on the Beach

CuxhavenWhen we were on our way to Kugelbake we stopped at the beach to go on with our film project. We wanted to make a film about our class for the popular TV show "The Best Class of Germany", which is “Die beste Klasse Deutschlands” and our “directors” Henry and Elias thought that this was the best setting for the shooting. This was great fun. First we built a sandcastle in teams. One team searched some shells and decorated the castle with them. it said: "Anton 6e". Then we, the actors, conquered the “castle” and conquered it again and again because the cameraman (Mr Kienz) was new. He had to take a couple of shots.

CuxhavenAfter filming we walked to Kugelbake. Kugelbake is in the east of Cuxhaven Döse. Some years ago it was something like a lighthouse. It helped ships to find the right way down the river Elbe to Hamburg. Now it's a landmark for Cuxhaven. At Kugelbake we had a rest, watched the container ships and took photos. Later we walked back to the youth hostel!



CuxhavenOn Wednesday we were in the indoor and outdoor swimming pool AHOI! There were lots of activities. The big inside pool was really cool because there was salty water in it and every twenty minutes there were waves. They were very big. There were lots of pools, but the highlight was the waterslide. It was in a dark tunnel. You had to take a ring and sit on it. Then you went down very fast. In the outside pool it was very cold. We went into a tunnel and drifted around. It was really funny. We had a great morning, but we were also a little bit tired.

Exploring the Mudflats

CuxhavenAt four o’clock our guide whose name was Wilfried came to pick us from the youth hostel. He was really nice. We went down to the beach, and walked into the mudflats. First Willfried took a shell and explained what kind of shell it is, and what it does. He also explained what kind of animals live in the sea, and what kind of animals we were about to see in the mudflats. Then suddenly three women came (I think they were three I do not remember it really) and asked if they could join us. Of course we said yes, because it is best to be polite, and why actually not they seemed really nice. So we went on with the tour.

Most of the kids were totally wet after a couple of minutes and kind of in a bad mood, but when we reached the deep water at the horizon we were all in a better mood.

CuxhavenWe took a lot of photos and on the way there we saw a lot of dead crabs. The water was really deep and some people were stuck in the mud. It was really funny when we tried to get them out and then they fell. On the way back it was getting darker and darker and we were really tired.

We were late for supper in the youth hostel, but it was ok because the people who worked in the kitchen luckily saved us some food for later. Our trousers and wellies were really wet and full of sand, becaus e on the way back we walked through the sand. After that we played a couple of games and then went upstairs to our rooms. We talked a little before we fell asleep. It was a really nice day after all.



CuxhavenOn our last day of the class trip we did a harbour tour in Bremerhaven. At the harbour tour we saw very, very big container ships. A few meters behind the container ships we saw floating docks which were very scary because of their size.Cuxhaven A few of the children ate their packed lunches on the ship. After about one hour, the harbour tour was over. We all loved it.

After the habour tour we had a rest at the seaside. A few children were playing down the shore and found pieces of wood. The pieces were part of an eco- project from Oldenburg University. They want to find out how rubbish swims to save the nature.


Starting a new Life - The Museum of Emigration

After lunch we went to the Museum of Emigration. It looked really great from the outside. There were names engraved on the stones. Then we went in, and there was a man in the hall, he took our jackets so we didn’t have to carry them around.

CuxhavenThen a woman came and took us to another room, then she told us what to do and gave us sheets and passports with names on them. She told us that we were going to find out who these people were, where they lived, and what they did. Then we were allowed to enter a small room. There was somebody who we did not see. He gave a speech about emigration. We couldn’t go out because the door was locked. After the speech we went to some kind of harbour to search for information about our people. When we finished we went to something like a ship and there was more information about the ships years ago and about a lot more things. CuxhavenThere was a room with a lot of names engraved on cupboards made of wood. When you opened them you saw a lot of information about your person. There were a lot of different rooms with different information. In one room you could find out what your person’s job was and why he or she wanted to start a new life in America. When we had all the information we needed about our people we could watch movies in a cinema.

Later we went to explore a war submarine from World War I. It was really small in there. There were circle formed entrances to different parts of the submarine, it was really exciting. After that we went to Columbus Centre, a shopping centre. We had two hours to walk around and buy stuff we liked or gifts to take home. Some people finished earlier than others.

The nights

CuxhavenIn the evenings there was only one thing on our minds: We played Werewolf and Werwolf and Werwolf… That was always fun. Sometimes we were dog-tired and fell asleep very fast. Every day we were in our beds very late and we had to sneak ionto our rooms because the other children were already sleeping. The last evening was the best evening. Some boys were girls and some girls were boys. They swapped clothes. That was very funny. Then we played stop dance. Finally Mrs Kastrup read a scary story. Later we played mini games in our rooms. It had to be secret because the teachers didn`t like it. The evenings were always fun and nice.







The Food

CuxhavenWe travelled to Cuxhaven by coach. We only arrived in the evening but it was still sunny and quite warm, so we went to the beach, just for a short time to say hello to the sea. Everybody was hungry. After that we had noodles with sauce. In the morning we had breakfast. There was a large buffet in the middle of the dining room, which means self-service. There were always vegetables and salad. After all meals we had to clean the floor and our two long tables of the class.

CuxhavenOn Thursday we ate our breakfast and made sandwiches for our lunch packets for our day trip to Bremerhaven .In the evening we came back and had a warm meal. That day we went on a night walk which ended with a surprise. We ate an ice-cream at 9 o clock ! It was cool!

The meals were yummy!