Cuxhaven report - Die 6e berichtet von der Klassenfahrt

Die 6e in Cuxhaven


Diesen Bericht zur Klassenfahrt haben die Schüler_innen der bilingualen Klasse 6e arbeitsteilig erstellt. Zunächst gab es eine Version im simple present. Nachdem wir im Unterricht die Regeln zur Bildung und Verwendung des simple past erarbeitet hatten, haben die Lernenden ihr neues Wissen direkt angewendet und die Verbformen geändert.

"Day 1

We met on Monday at 8:30 a.m. at the Burg Vischering. We went to Cuxhaven by bus. During the trip we had to wear the masks all the time. So we had two stops to drink, eat and go to the toilet. The trip took 5 hours. When we arrived in Cuxhaven-Duhnen the sun was shining. We went to our youth hostel and ate a soup. Then we got the keys to our rooms, make our beds and unpacked our bags and suitcases.

In the afternoon we went to the beach. There we played games and enjoyed the good weather until it was dinner time. In the evening we played table tennis in the hall or games in our group room.

Day 2

At 6:30 our teachers came to our rooms and woke us up because we wanted to join the early morning sport session. We left the youth hostel at 6:45 and went for a run at the beach. Then we  could take a shower and had breakfast. Before we could eat we had to prepare our lunch packages for the day.

Then we took the bus to the harbour in Cuxhaven. There we got on a boat to see seals. After that we walked all the way back to the youth hostel. We took a break at the Kugelbarke.

In the afternoon we did a city rally in small groups. We could also do some shopping in Duhnen. Unfortunately at the end it rained a lot.

After dinner we could decide what we wanted to do: Play table tennis, play games or watch a movie. We had a cinema night in the canteen and watched “Zoomania”. The film was very good and funny. Then we went to our rooms and slept or whispered:).

Day 3

If we wanted to, we could take part in the morning sport session. We had breakfast at 8:15. Again we had to prepare our lunch boxes first. Then we walked along the beach to Cuxhaven where we visited the museum “Windstärke 10”. The museum was very cool and big.

After that we went into the city and there we could walk around in small groups and go shopping. We took the bus back to the youth hostel.

In the afternoon we went to the beach. Some of us found some crabs.

After dinner we could choose what to do, i.e. table tennis, kicker, games etc.

Die 6e in Cuxhaven

Day 4

On the fourth day we had our last chance to do some morning sports. The group was smaller then. There were two activities waiting for us that day. First we went to the mud-flats with our guide

Mathias. We digged holes in the ground and found many animals, as for example mussles, snails and worms. The weather was not so good today so it was pretty cold and windy at the beach. After our walk with Mathias we went back to the youth hostel. Some of us played Monopoly and drank hot chocolate, others played table tennis.

In the afternoon we walked to the Ahoi swimming pool. There we had a lot of fun. The pool is big and there is a big water slide. Outside the swimming pool we split the group. One part walked back to the youth hostel, the other part went shopping.

Back at the youth hostel we had to start tidying our rooms and packing our bags.

Day 5

On our last day there was no time for morning sports. We had breakfast and cleared our rooms. Then we waited for the bus. During our trip we had to wear our masks again. But we could eat and drink during the two breaks. Then we were back, first in Ascheberg, then in Lüdinghausen. Here our parents were  waiting for us. There was a big welcome!

We all enjoyed the class trip because it was a lot of fun for everyone."